October 6th

How computers see the world?

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Vision is one of the important senses that humans have. We understand the world by looking at it. But our capability of perceiving the world through eyesight is limited because our eyes can capture only the visible light which is just one part of the electromagnetic spectrum.The Visual perception starts from eyes and they capture the surroundings visual and transfer those to the brain, where it is processed and interpreted.
September 11th

Why footfall counter is a mandatory tool in Retail industry?

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Conversion rate: People counting systems are used in retail environment to calculate the conversion rate, which is the percentage of total visitors versus the number that make purchases. Performance reviews, benchmarking the stores would be very easy if the retailers have access to the right data, and can help you with.
  • The rate at which potential customers turn into buyers
  • Determining peak traffic times
  • Generating hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports
  • Setting optimal Store Hours
  • Setting hours based on peak traffic times
  • And cutting / Increasing store hours based on traffic and not sales
December 28th

A study on video analytics tools in retail

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Colgram, A large retail chain based in Chile, had been using infrared beam technology to count shoppers entering or shoppers exiting their stores, but the retailer found that the data that was captured was not accurate, not
comprehensive or not timely. “We wanted a solution that would enable us to move beyond the door and analyze shopper behavior throughout the full store,” says Hernán Ferragut, director of retail for Colgram. The newer “sophisticated real-time data capture capabilities, combined with granular analytics and reporting, will give us immediate access to accurate information about store traffic, allow us to count children and adults as a single shopping unit and understand other key metrics,” says Ferragut.
March 2nd

Indian Furniture Retailer RoyalOak relies on iRIS Customer analytics suite to improve its bottom line

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RoyalOak Furniture's are a leading organized distributor & furniture retailer in India. With an expansion plan rolled out in the coming year to open an additional 30 new showrooms to their network, RoyalOak realized with added growth it was difficult to make accurate decisions based on intuitions, therefore it required a solution that would have the capabilities to support decision makers at various levels with data to help them measure every minute detail of their walk-in traffic and improve the store performance.