12 Sep 2017

Why footfall counter is a mandatory tool in Retail industry?

Three main reasons “Why footfall counter is a mandatory tool in Retail industry” !!!!

“All retailers need to measure traffic and customer conversion in their stores. If you don’t, you’re flying blind,” according to Mark Ryski, author of “Conversion: The Last Great Retail Metric”.
Conversion rate: People counting systems are used in retail environment to calculate the conversion rate, which is the percentage of total visitors versus the number that make purchases. Performance reviews, benchmarking the stores would be very easy if the retailers have access to the right data, and can help you with
  • The rate at which potential customers turn into buyers
  • Determining peak traffic times
  • Generating hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports
  • Setting optimal Store Hours
  • Setting hours based on peak traffic times
  • And cutting / Increasing store hours based on traffic and not sales
 Marketing effectiveness:People counting system can determine if the campaign drove more people into your store or not. This will be great boon for marketing professionals who rely on visitor statistics to measure the effectiveness of the current marketing campaign, and will help them analyse.
  • How effective was the advertising promotion? Did people respond to your advertisement but NOT make a purchase? Why?
  • Was the store staffed appropriately?
  • Was the store properly merchandised?
  • Was availability a problem?
Staff planning:People counting systems can help analysing historical traffic patterns to determine staff hours needed to cover anticipated store traffic. Maintaining optimum Customer per Staff Hour ratios (Total Traffic / Staff Hours = Customer to Staff Hour Ratio) enhances customer experience, and also help in
  • Planning Staff hours based on store traffic
  • Getting customer per Staff Hour Ratio
  • Schedule cleaning  and maintenance when traffic is at its lowest
  • Setting transactions per staff hour goals (transactions / staff hours) and assist with loss