2 March 2018

Indian Furniture Retailer RoyalOak relies on iRIS Customer analytics suite to improve its bottom line

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Post ImageFurniture is a leading organized distributor & furniture retailer in India. With an expansion plan rolled out in the coming year to open an additional 30 new showrooms to their network, RoyalOak realized with added growth it was difficult to make accurate decisions based on intuitions, therefore it required a solution that would have the capabilities to support decision makers at various levels with data to help them measure every minute detail of their walk-in traffic and improve the store performance. With decades of experience under their belt, RoyalOak indeed required a strong partner equivalent to their experience to handle it for them. They contacted Klik Analytics solutions for our support with visitor analytics technology.
 Selection Criteria
Klik Analytics were chosen to roll out its suite of iRIS People Counters and Visitor Monitoring Softwares solutions as part of their business programs overhaul due to the unfavorably high costs of competing people counter solutions. The various reports generated by our monitoring softwares, the email alerts and automated checks in maintenance gave RoyalOak the assurance they require in a functional and reliable system.
Challenges mentioned by RoyalOak
As Royal Oak showrooms are custom built for the area it serves, a challenge that was presented was the spec difference between each of its showrooms. i.e. the size of the ceiling and required configurations varied greatly, which resulted in each dealership deployment requiring a custom installation.
Secondly, the limitation of Wifi/Ethernet Connectivity at the stores.

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Klik Analytics provided Royal Oak with iRIS People Counters which were deployed in stores across Bangalore in one days time. To combat the challenges iRIS Counters includes with it ceiling mounts that can be installed for any ceiling heights ranging from 10ft to 30ft. The limited internet connectivity was not as issue as iRIS People Counter out of the box comes with a Vodafone enabled Machine 2 Machine communication modem which transmits data using a secure channel to our servers thus freeing up the need to rely on any of RoyalOaks server infrastructure. While our most reasonable priced India-based market-leading Footfall monitoring solutions were chosen as a more accurate solution to detect the visitor traffic in-store it did on comparison packed equivalent accuracy and boasted features such as rugged moulded housing, high end imaging optics, most reliable modem technology.
Some of the features in our software package that caught the attention of Royal Oak decision makers were:
  • Seasonal Shopping Trends
  • Customization to set the start and stop counting time
  • Presence of reporting in web/iOS/Android devices
  • Email Alerts in case the store manager forgets/cuts the power to the system

At the end..
We have now enabled RoyalOak to employ people counting technology in any of its showrooms without any hassle at all, and this is due to the fact that iRIS Customer counters are as an offering highly customizable, but more importantly accurate. With the analysis received from our reporting platforms they are able to make much more informed decisions based on timely data. Showrooms can now implement better staff management by better understanding customer traffic patterns, event attendance and seasonal impact, and correlating that with staffing levels to ensure the best overall customer service possible. Management can place high performing staff members on the floor during times of heavy customer traffic while scheduling trainees during low traffic times. Individual showrooms are also learning and tracking conversion rates from in-store events to see if they produced additional sales. Our systems ensures the video is encrypted and then removed without any cloud transfer giving a peace of mind to shoppers who do not have the feeling that their lives are intruded upon. As RoyalOak expands into the future, iRIS Visitor Counting solutions will help at building strategies that ensures a better customer experience throughout the stores.
In the near future we are planning to integrate new array of data that can be analyzed along with the customer traffic, the upgrades planned includes the daily weather against customer traffic, Sales data against traffic, etc. The partnership between RoyalOak and Klik Analytics has been hugely successful. RoyalOak has pioneered a system that makes people counting easier, more adaptable and accurate than ever before.
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