Common questions about klik analytics

If you've got more questions emails us @ team@myklik.io and our team will do our best to answer.

  • What is iRIS?

    iRIS is an automated footfall counter solution aimed at helping the retail stores collect the number of walk-ins they had at their store. iRIS also has a smart web/mobile application that generates insights from these data helping retailers make critical decisions such as benchmarking stores, operating efficiency, effect of seasonal trends on walk ins and many more.

  • What is the accuracy of iRIS footfall counters?

    Typically the accuracy of footfall counter ranges between 92%-95%, If the lighting conditions are optimal the accuracy rate would be 98%.

  • What technology does iRIS employ?

    iRIS is powered by a 2D wide angle camera. The tracking technology we employed are proprietary – the patent to which are pending

  • How many iRIS’s do I require for one entrance?

    The number of counters that needs to be deployed in an entrance depends on the width and height of the entrance. 1 iRIS counter can cover a width of 5 Feet at a height of 10 Feet.

  • If multiple counters are placed side by side will it double the count?

    No, the counting area can be adjusted for each counter via our remote software

  • I do not have Wi-Fi or Ethernet provisions at my store?
    Does that mean I cannot install iRIS counters?

    Our footfall counter comes with an in-built GSM/GPRS modem which means it can work even without Wi-fi or Ethernet connections.

  • My store already has a security guard who stands with a manual counter,
    why should I still opt for your counters?

    Footfall counter is a more accurate way of collecting your walk-ins. Our automated counters are not prone to lethargy, drowsiness or break-time errors. It works 24x7 – ensuring not even one customer gets missed.

  • How can I validate that your counters are counting at an accuracy of 95%?

    Once you purchase our system we would give you the credentials to access the system live. Watching it for a few minutes itself proves our claim.

  • Can your iRIS counter differentiate between a staff and a customer?

    No, it cannot. However, our software would be able to draw a staff exclusion zone. Your staff would need to be trained to go through that area to avoid counting.

  • What will happen if there is an outage of internet in my area?

    Our promise to deliver is to delvier 100% data. If there is an outage of internet, the data will be stored in the product. Once the internet is restored the data will be uploaded to the server.

  • What are the pre-requisites to install the iRIS counter

    A 230V AC supply is alone enough to get it started.

  • Whom should I contact for sales and customer support?

    You can mail us at team@myklik.io or call us at 9739446121

  • Should I remove the iRIS counters for installing your periodical updates?

    No, there is no need of physically removing/moving the counters. All updates will be done remotely.